About Our Chapter

Charlotte Metro DSA is an anti-capitalist, anti-racist organization working for social and

economic justice in the Charlotte region. It believes in extending the principles of fairness and

freedom to all sectors of society and the economy, and in empowering working people to reach

their full potential as human beings through greater control of their own living and working

conditions. Guided by a broad, far-reaching vision of equality that sees the ballot box as only one

component in a much larger democratic project, Charlotte Metro DSA seeks to give people a

stronger voice in local decisions that affect their lives via collective action and grassroots

organizing with a diverse group of community partners. It envisions a Charlotte region in which

power is shifted away from developers, city bureaucrats, banking professionals, and police and

into the hands of ordinary people—all those who have not benefited from the rapid growth that

has brought wealth and prosperity in our area to only a few.

Charlotte Metro DSA is one of 181 chapters of Democratic Socialists of America, a rapidly

growing organization with more than 40,000 members nationwide. DSA is an educational

organization (501(c)(3)), not a political party, that uses a variety of approaches, from legislative to

direct action, to fight for the interests of working people. Charlotte Metro DSA’s activities

include canvassing for political candidates who support democratic socialist aims, performing

community service projects, hosting forums and educational events on national and local issues,

and partnering with a broad range of community organizations dedicated to fighting inequality,

poverty, and racism in the Charlotte Metro region. Local community partners have included the

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, Health Care Justice NC, and the National Organization for


Charlotte Metro DSA’s monthly meetings, which are open to all, feature discussions of local

issues, teach-ins, and training sessions on organizing and direct action. It has several active

subcommittees focused on topics such as community outreach and housing. Charlotte Metro

DSA welcomes new members to join in its struggle to create a more democratic Charlotte region

in which social and economic well-being are more broadly shared and in which all community

members, not just the rich and powerful, have a voice.